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The leading innovator in green concrete

Clean Concrete Technologies has perfected an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable technique for producing ultra-green concrete.

Our team is committed to playing a significant role in meeting the world’s environmental challenges. Because our concrete is made with less portland cement and no virgin aggregate, our process is more sustainable. Our solution has a reduced carbon footprint because we avoid much of the CO2 emitted from the energy demand and processing associated with cement. In addition, these strategies result in lower water usage, less water and air pollution and no habitat degradation. Our commitment to making a material difference in sustaining resources and reducing CO2 emissions is our driving force.

A result of extensive research and development, CleanCrete is a verifiably green concrete that is made with recycled and by-product materials without sacrificing strength or durability. Formerly offered as EkoCrete, CleanCrete uses a patented, proprietary formula to drastically reduce the amount of Portland cement used in the mix, giving CleanCrete up to 50% embodied energy savings over traditional concrete. What’s more, CleanCrete is strong and affordable and can be used just like traditional concrete.

The company is led by a team with extensive experience in the concrete industry and a history of building high-growth companies. Each leader at Clean Concrete Technologies brings an unwavering focus on environmental sustainability, quality and results.

CleanCrete is a truly revolutionary product.
—Buddy Rhodes, President, Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products