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CleanCrete documentation

We are committed to providing the documentation you need to confidently specify and use CleanCrete. Tests prove that CleanCrete is the most environmentally-sensitive concrete available. At Clean Concrete Technologies, we take a stand against greenwashing and companies that falsely advertise their product's environmental impact. We are committed to providing accurate independent lab results that show just how superior and green CleanCrete really is. We will be providing independent lab results and documentation as they are made available.

We will happily contact you when we post new test results or documents.

Product Data Sheets
CleanMix Admixture Data Sheet(Adobe Acrobat .pdf)
CleanCrete Data Sheet(Adobe Acrobat .pdf)

Program Brochures
CleanCrete Reseller Program brochure(Adobe Acrobat .pdf)

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
CleanCrete MSDS (Adobe Acrobat .pdf)
CleanMix Admixture MSDS (Adobe Acrobat .pdf)

Independent Lab (compression tests)
CleanCrete Lab Test Report

Coming Soon
CleanCrete 3-Part Spec

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