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Use CleanCrete with confidence

With our family of CleanCrete products, Clean Concrete Technologies offers concrete solutions to fit nearly every construction project.

A result of extensive research and development, CleanCrete is a verifiably green concrete that is made with recycled and by-product materials without sacrificing strength or durability. Clean Concrete Technologies uses environmentally focused engineering to provide concrete with superior durability while achieving strengths equal to or greater than conventional concrete. What’s more, preliminary calculations show that CleanCrete takes 50% less energy to produce.

CleanCrete Product Info Sheet  Please download our product info sheet.

CleanCrete Highlight
Environmentally sensitive
Lower portland cement content
Less energy used
Less carbon emitted
Reduced global warming potential
Minimally processed recycled materials
Conserved resources
Avoided habitat destruction
Reduced landfill waste
Innovative engineering
Recycled fibers
Reduce shrinkage
Reduce cracking
Superfine particles
Enhanced strength gain
Reduced wear and water penetration

CleanCrete is available in two ready-mix formulas:

CleanCrete Classic CleanCrete Classic
Our most green formula, CleanCrete Classic is the most environmentally-sensitive concrete on the market.
CleanConcrete Plus CleanCrete Plus
The best balance of green and strength, CleanCrete Plus delivers performance in a reduced energy formula.

Clean Concrete Technologies has the only environmentally-friendly, strength-enhancing admixture for concrete:

cleanmix admixture CleanMix Admixture
Part of every CleanCrete formula, the CleanMix Admixture is a proprietary dry mix from pre- and post-consumer sources, the CleanMix Admixture is available to licensed ready-mixers for use with our CleanCrete concrete system.

CleanCrete is stronger and easier to work with than traditional concrete. I plan to use it extensively in my future jobs.
—Rachel Hamilton, Architect