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Use CleanCrete with confidence

Construction professionals are swiftly moving to building green. If you’re one of them, you know that often you must sacrifice performance or profitability to build green. CleanCrete provides an alternative without sacrifice. There are many benefits of using CleanCrete for every construction professional.

CleanCrete contributes to LEED credits, delivers high performance and can be used on nearly any project where concrete is appropriate.

Developers and Builders
CleanCrete lets you fulfill your commitment to green construction without sacrificing performance or profitability.

Tests prove that CleanCrete delivers high performance with the best available environmental-sensitivity. Compressive strength tests show CleanCrete reaches design strengths within 28 days or less. We are currently expanding our testing so you can specify CleanCrete with confidence.

CleanCrete is concrete and installs just like regular concrete—no special equipment or handling is required so there is no additional cost, learning curve or labor required to use CleanCrete.

We welcome your questions and comments. To learn more about CleanCrete and to tell us what you think, use our Contact Form.

Clean Concrete Technologies’ commitment to making a significant contribution to the fight against global warming makes the company a true leader in their category.
—Rebecca Barthel, Principal, Vista Group Marketing